Quazy Not Crazy (@QuazyNotCrazy) Top 5 #MWB5 Performance

Quazy Not Crazy #MWB5 PerformanceEvery since signing up for Whobeta’s 5th Midwest Best $1000 Showcase St.Louis based rapper Quazy Not Crazy was claiming the title Midwest Best, mentally and  making status updates across the web preparing, himself mentally for a chance to win $1000. Making it to the top 5 mentioned performers of the night, the Further Then Basic Ceo appears to be free styling about 1 of his tracks not loading, then begins to entertain the crowd with song & dance with his next track titled “Wanting You.” With his confidence and entertaining performance he exited the stage with jokes from the host “K Twice” and cheers from the crowd. Congrats Mr.Not Crazy and “tip” make sure you have your music ready for your next major performance.

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