New single from #defjam artist Vince Staples (@vincestaples) “Norf Norf”


Vince Staple’s Latest Leak from SimmerTime ’06 “Norf Norf” Click here to here audio

Long Beach native Vince Staple’s releases his latest track from the upcoming project “Summertime 06” “Norf Norf” 8 days before his album. Nothing like Project Pat’s Norf Norf if that’s what you thinking but, like Pat of the project’s reps Norf Memhpis, V. Staples reps the Norfside of Long Beach and you here references of the Norfside through out the song & describes life in his section of his city. If this is your 1st time listening to the XXL 2015 Freshman and are looking for more music before the album drops click here for Shyne Cold Chain V. 1 from Vince Staples.

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