Riley B. Jack’N for beats and takes $5000.00 at Loft

After about 6 weeks at different locations across the St.Louis area, 1500 auditions, 50 semifinalist, and a tough top 10, North County’s Riley B. leaves the loft with 5k.

The top 10 included Bars from Ray the Kidd, YC, Blu No E, The Truth, and Riley B, and Dj Drama’s favorite Buddy Love, and the opening round was filled with fumbles, and new first, and new rules for the Jack’N for beats brand. Including a scare that some thought was staged initially from Buddy Love who had heart complications, and had to leave the competition after scoring the highest score during the 1st round. After his exit Dj Drama and other judges decided that the top 5 would be a top 4, eliminating 2 people before the final round, which was a 1st for the brand.

Second round selection included Riley B, the Truth, who was the only female to make it to the top 10, YC, and more artist, and once the numbers where reduced to 2 some in the crowd questioned the decision of the judges.

Final round Riley B. and the Truth were the last ones standing both assigned to spit 2 minutes and 30 second, with Riley B going first and the Truth going last. Midway through her turn Riley B. started signaling that he won the money as truth fumbled the beat and couldn’t recover, but even after that the judges gave both Riley and the Truth one more effort to win the 5 thousand, with Truth going 1st and RIley B  2nd, with no beat, Truth spoke with more ego, Riley B. spoke with more heart, walked away with a check 5K and the title of Jack’N for beats champion.



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