Dwoods ( @yagirldwoods ) Takes Over St.Louis June 9th-11th


National Recording artist, Actor, Dancer, reality star and so much more invades St.Louis Monday June 9th – through June 11th with various events.

Monday June 9th a DJ Battle takes place at 8pm @ The Hit Zone where she is conducting a talent search for the St.Louis Remix of her lattest single “Call it Quits.”   The winner will also win other prizes including promoting on her website and on Durry Boyz Radio.


Tuesday June 10th Dancing With D. Woods 6pm @ Total Body Beautiful Fitness Studio.

As well as other events including the following,

Tuesday June 10th Dance Battle 8pm/Karaoke at 10pm at both events on the 10th are at the The Hit Zone of MLK & Jefferson

Wednesday June 11th she is holding a Private event at Dance Plus. (what ever that means). Just playing, anywho for more info text 3144777926 and please state your business. No “Whats Ups.”






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