Soundbar Management release statement Banning Uncle Luke


1st of if you are just here for the video heres a small clip

The Sound Bar released what appears to be a statement disowning Uncle Luke’s freaknic at their venue May 23rd, where he had girls naked on stage eating each other, in a crowd of over 500 people, for more than 5 minutes.

The club even goes further banning the 2 Live Crew leader from their establishment making them probably the 1, 000nd venue to do so, with his consistent raunchy reputation.

The promoter of the event announced plans to bring Uncle Luke to a bigger venue in the fall so ladies “be prepared.”

The promoters next big concert at “The Soundbar” consists of Porche Williams of the hit Tv show, “The Real House Wives of Atlanta”

Here’s the Soundbars complete statement below.

On Friday, May 23, 2014, entities involved with the SoundBar solicited the services of Luther Campbell. The services involved Mr. Campbell judging a contest involving clothing reminiscent of late 90’s attire. The individual with the best attire was to be awarded a sum of $1,000. This was a promotional event to attract more customers to the venue. It was documented, as well as implied through various channels that this was entirely a promotion involving attire. There was no premeditated motions or directions for the event that took place that evening to be enacted in a distasteful manner. Luther Campbell took the microphone and began to give his own direction. Luther Campbell offered contestants award money equaling $1,000 if they would began to perform lewd acts. After minutes of this activity a representative of the SoundBar intervened and stopped Mr. Campbell before he could go any further. At this time, Mr. Campbell and associates have been banned from the SoundBar. SoundBar, it’s management, and representatives do not condone, and rather detest the character, actions, and directions of Mr. Campbell. SoundBar, and any entity doing business with SoundBar, is under the complete understanding that this is not the direction that this place of entertainment wants to take. SoundBar is instituting strict guidelines to be enacted, starting immediately. SoundBar and it’s management will be donating a monetary gesture to local churches whom are dealing with the development of young women. Also, we will be offering our services to any organization needing a venue for fundraisers dealing with health, development, or betterment of women. Once again we stress this is not the vision SoundBar had at it’s conception, and we are dedicated to resuming the concept that has guided our focus before the serious issues that became prevalent on that night.

Thank you,
SoundBar Management


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