“@SUPABLESS “Real (interlude)”… Love Over Lust Vol. 1 Coming 4/20/14”

618 based artist Bless The Best also known as
B. Thomas gives us the Real (interlude) which is an introduction to his project Love over lust with an expected release date of April 20th.

B Thomas is consistent with the sounds , & melodies he choses to use on his tracks, You can mostly catch him rhyming over mid temple horns, that might scare off some that use the word turn up more than twice a day.

The video itself, I expected more in the go hard or go home era of 2014. Even with it being such a short song, felt it could have used at least one alternative angle. The solo angle really drew me a way from the song, wanting and needing that constant change that 2013 has spoiled us with.

Check the video out and be on the lock out for Bless the best latest project set to drop 4/20.

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