True Fans welcome @whoischrome to @Fubarstl S/o @T1Production 2/13/14

True Fans welcome @whoischrome  to @Fubarstl S/o @T1Production 2/13/14

With love in the air and side chicks needing affection T 1 Productions made a bold move to bring former protege of
3 6 Mafia & reemerging Hip Hop artist Chrome to St.Louis on the eve of Valentines Day.

The crowd , filled with up and coming artist, their fans, and die hard fans of the 3 6 Mafia sound were all in the building.

One of the most memorable acts of the night came from a artist who traveled 4 hours from Springfield, Mo to hit the stage. P Win from parts South and West of Missouri gave a great show. His performance style could be described as a mixture of Tech 9ne & Mgk. The most remember-able and unexpected part of his performance was how he closed it with a throw back track of Rap Group Onyx and wasn’t whack at all. He demanded the crowds attention and praise through out his performance and afterwards.

Once it was time for Chrome to hit the stage he did a number of new and exciting tracks,and a few of the throwbacks such as “I got it for Sell” from the 3 6 Mafia “Most Known Unknown Album.” After the show he decided to reach out to the fans, (unlike most headliners). He took plenty of pictures and shook many hands.

It was a great , safe night for hip hop. S/o T 1 Productions for putting together the event.

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