How @DaReal_TPrince1 & @Swurvie91 won the Winter Midwest Best Showcase

Midwest Best Best winners @DaReal_TPrince1  @Swurvie91 th

S/o to the winners of the 1st Midwest Best Competition of 2014, T Prince & Young Swurvie.

Young Swurvie won the 1st cash prize bringing in over 25 people in attendance, and being the only artist that night to bring in over 20 fans. One way he was able to bring out his crowd and make make new fans was by giving away his brand of T-Shirts, which he was one of the only few artist giving out or even bringing out merchandise.

T Prince who was the judges unanimous decision took home the 2nd cash prize. The key things the judges were looking for was image , stage presents, sound quality, and song likability. They were impressed with his image rocking his label, Blo Music Mafia Clothing brand which was beyond basic, compared to the usual rapper based hoody / shirt lines. It was also easy to identify his movement in the crowd with his key supports rocking like wise attire. Even though he didn’t do back flips on stage, what the judges liked most about his stage presence was his confidence, he wasn’t nervous at all as he looked the entire crowd dead in their eyes, and hitting every word of his song precisely with no fumbles.

While there were others in consideration like Ne Ne Goon & the Green Light Boys who they believed had a dynamic performances , and Bigg Rich who impressed them a lot with all of the thought he put in to his show disc which almost sounded like he had his own professional Dj on Stage with him. The deciding factor was song likability which set T-Prince apart from the other top 5 contestants, they were blown away about the 4 minute tale of St.Louis, and another thing they liked about his song was that he was confident enough to go with 1 track. More things that was said about the winner was that he didn’t talk as much shit as most people who hit the stage, boasting and bragging about how they were the best and how they were going to win. Even in the crowd as he shouted out various hoods in St.Louis, certain people were excited that some one thought to bring up their hood and saluted him.

After announcing who won there were and will always be people who were upset that they didn’t win, which is understandable, even Beyonce lost competitions as she started her journey in music. Shout out to all who kept it professional and even those who let their emotions get the best of them, some times losing a battle is needed to learn how to win the war.

3 thoughts on “How @DaReal_TPrince1 & @Swurvie91 won the Winter Midwest Best Showcase

  1. Man that show was beast I had a great time no one would believe that that was my 3rd time being on stage in my life I except constructive criticism on my performance cause I know I can do better and I will and next time I’m coming 100 and ready and I will take it home but S/O to rose gold for making the show disk for mean and Triple A we out here follow me at Instagram at Bigg_Rich314 face book at bigg rich and I’m out here I’m always open for new ideas and colabs.


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