#TBT Bringing & Meeting 3 6 Mafia on Dj Paul Birthday 2012

One of my biggest moments of 2012 was one of the 1st. January 12th being able to say I helped bring Oscar winning, Hip Hop Icons 3 6 Mafia to the Gateway to the West and even more dope accidentally having them come on founding member Dj Paul’s Birthday.

The same day I meet the Mayor of East St.Louis Alvin Parks for the 1st time as well at city hall, and was able to hear a lot of advice and wisdom from Memphis Legend Dj Paul.

The concert it’s self was unpredictable tosay the least, just like the weather that day. Most of the winter of 2011/2012 was way above average and the day before the concert, the ratchets were wearing shorts, and the weirdo males were wearing flip flops. The evening of January 11th gave St.Louis its only real ( & out the blue) winter storm that season, with mixture of snow, ice, traffic jams, & head aches.

All in all the truest 3 6 Mafia fans came out, Juicy J’s addiction (ratchets) came out. And of course the most known unknowns were in the building. Juicy J, Dj Paul, &
Project Pat.

A very big S/o to Clint Collins, entrepreneur and owner of Studio 618 for giving me the oppurtunity to work with him on such a unreal experience, while not knowing me from a can of paint. This was the 1st of many projects to come.

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