@Luhshaw My Squad ( Official Video) Directed By @RichVisualz

Check out the 1st Official video of Rapper Luh Shaw , of the South Side of St.Louis, entitled “Squad.” In most instances by title and genre alone you expect over 40 African Americans standing around holding their balls, possibly holding illegal fire arms, and doing illegal drugs, all for the world to see. With this video you would be 100% wrong.

This video only features one, Luh Shaw, only. As he repeatedly is asking were is my squad.

The song itself is filled with violence, gun mentions, and gun shot sound affects, and curse words. Something that inner city kids will go crazy for, with a sound simular to hood favorite Waka Flocka Flame. It’s catchy, fun to repeat hook, and trap style beat may leave you asking for your squad.

Check out Luh Shaw live in concert January 25th Studio 618, for a chance at $1000.00 for more info on that concert text 314 629 6404.

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