(Sucessfully Created Worst Song Ever lol) @IceJJFish – No Topping You Directed By @ThatRaw produced by @Headshotss


IceJJFish (What a name) released a new video for song “No Topping You” January 6th which garnered over 100,000 views in less than 48 hours and a lot of feedback.

After ignoring this video on my Face Book feeds, I finally watched what might be the worst attempt at music since 50 Tyson, but yet on such a sensual R & B beat, and professional video.

Watching this video reminds me of the old Dave Chappell video remakes. This video which features only Fish and model Jessica Rico, reminds me of a Marques Houston’s “Naked” gone wrong lol.

Will he be the next big horrible thing, check this out you will either laugh out loud, or break your device.

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