Newest video from OTG member MartyP nearing 3,000 views with the college anthem everybody drunk. It features another artist from the affiliated OTG brand Tray Blaze, as well as Dre Daye who starts the song.

The song itself progresses each verse, the 1st verse features as mentioned, Dre Daye started off the song, not whack but not on vibe in my opinion, talking more about the street life then the party life captured in the video.

Marty P sounded the most natural and energetic on the track, during the second verse, were he flexed about his party life style on several bars.

Tray Blaze, had the most unique verse, just could have been more energetic.

The video its self looks well done, great effects, looks like they had a lot of fun doing it, the only thing it lacks is concept, and maybe intentional. It would have been dope to see some one stumbling to their car, throwing up, falling off stage, edited ta ta flashes, those people were to focused to be drunk lol.

Central Illinois, make sure yall check out the video lets get it to 8,000 by December, and put the middle of the Ill state on the map. S/o to Peoria, Bloomington, Mendota, and what ever else out there.

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