Saturday November 16th St.Louis native Big Ham performs for the 1st time in his home town after a busy year consisting of at least 6 shows & a show October 26th in Cincinnati, Ohio with Mic Check Radio. You can catch Big Ham live 11-16 Studio 618 performing music from his 2 latest mix tapes “Love of Hip Hop” & “Hustle Vol. 1 Introduction of the Unheralded, as well as his up coming Ep co-produced by friend Jefferey Alicea.

Big Ham has been writing rap lyrics and poeitry since the age of 18 but only in 2009 did he start actually recording lyrics with friend Dante Thedford while the two were in afghanistan. Soul Rebel has continued to hone his craft recently putting out a mixtape titled Love of Hip Hop and Hustle Vol1 introduction of the unheralded. He is also working on a to be named EP with producer and friend Jeffrey Alicea.

Click to Hear Big Ham aka Soul Rebels Mixtape The Love Of Hip Hop & Hustle Volume 2 on Datpiff

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