@SwishaGang Will celebrate the release of their new Mixtape “Spirit of St.Louis 2” Nov. 16th at Studio 618

Click The Photo to Check Out More from Swisha Gang

Click The Photo to Check Out More from Swisha Gang

St.Louis Duo Swisha Gang will be a main feature Saturday November 16th at Studio 618 performing new music from their new mixtape for the first time. Their new mix tape Spirit of St.Louis 2 will be released in a So St.Louis was, dropping November 10th which is the 314th day of the year. Which is follow up fashion to how they released the 1st project on March 14th (314).

The mixtape will be available for free download on datpiff.com and their personal reverb page https://www.facebook.com/Swishagang, and you can request the lead single “Grown Man” on 89.5 the wave 314-513-4472. The mixtape cover will be released later this month.

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