@whobeta leaks

On Jay-z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail, Track 15 entitled “Family 1st”, Jay Z made a few questionable references. He starts the verse discussing how his team is his family, and his ninja’s are his brothers. Most Kanye / Jay Z fans know the Kanye & Jay Z have a big brother, little brother relationship.

He state’s not Justin Good times that’s that sucker shi. But in war times. Kanye has made statements about Jay-Z’s move to tour with Justin Timberlake, as well as dropped his album less then 2 weeks before Jay Z dropped his. These things plus other things provide a war type theory.

Most importantly toward the end of his verse he tells these dudes to pull their skirts down, he can see your ovaries. We all know, and some of us criticize Kanye for sporting different Skirt like items? Was this a diss or just a huge coincidence you decide.

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