Beta Radio Weekly Review: Week 13 ( Dj’s & Their Damn Opinion)

November 10th, 4 Days after the U.S.A. selected Barrack Obama to serve another term Beta Radio was Live N Direct on 89.5 the wave. With all my guest (who won’t be named) cancelling out at the last moment the only thing I could do is lean on the love of fellow Dj’s.

Dj Stunun Music Review/ Interview with Whobeta 89.5 the wave

Click to hear entire interview.

The weekly music review, which until this time was a segment in which artist gave feed back to other artist who have submitted their music to Beta Radio, Stared Gary, Indiana’s & Midwest Pocket Pool Dj Stanun. He gave a lot of insight of all the great artist who came from his city including the Legendary Micheal Jackson & CTE’ s (Young Jeezy’s Label ) Freddie Gibbs. During the Music Review he listened to music from Enforcer, White Eagle, Jzanell, Ray Goss, & Reik Rivers, giving out 2 outstanding Green Lights (Dope Tracks) & 2 screeching red lights (Bad Tracks) going as far as saying you couldn’t pay him to play certain track & even on accident  confused another artist as a female rapper. Besides passing judgement on selected music he talks about the positive work going on with his record pool/ dj coalition and how to sign up as an artist/ dj . Before rapping up the interview he gave 5 plus minutes of shout outs im which he covered just about everybody in the industry it seems from shouting out Dj Drama, to shouting out Santa Claus, & everybody who paid their taxes on time. For full interview & music review click photo above.

As a bid to piss every and anybody who voted for Mitt Romney, I vowed personally to play Young Jeezy’s – My President at least once a show. Side note both Jay Nixon (Democrat) & Claire Macaskill (Democrat) Both won in Missouri by more than 10 % of the vote while Barrack Obama loss by more than 10 % in Missouri. I feel racism some where in that considering they all have similar beliefs, & political views any way next paragraph.

With my 2pm guest cancelling I reached out to beautiful Cool Running Dj, Coast to Coast Dj, Fleet Dj, the list continues forever Florida’s own, Tampa Mystic. We talked a while about her ties to the lovely city of St.Louis, her pet peeves when it comes to artist/ dj relations & alot more.    We even had a chance to play music from an artist she’s currently pushing by the Name of TBS (not the tv network). To check out part 1 of this interview click on either her or Dj Smalls below

Tampa Mystic Interview on 89.5 the Wave with Dj Whobeta

Click to Hear Pt.1 of My interview with Her

To sum up the day had 2 dope djs on the show, make sure you follow their movements online & in the streets. We have 4 more years of a dope president. Make sure you submit clean music for the music review after following on twitter @whobeta. Tune in every Saturday 12p-4p 89.5 the wave also on I tunes, shout cast, and alot more.

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