Beta Radio Weekly Review: Week 3 (Mr.Controversy)

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As hurricane Issac swept through St.Louis. Beta Radio was live & direct on 89.5 the wave & we started September off big. Our 1st guest, and 40 year old rapper (no not 2 Chains) cancelled at the last moment. This was great because it allowed @whobeta to play more great, indie music.

Click Photo to here interview/music review.

The 1 pm Hours things we took the show to Texas with special guest caller T. Fields who represents all of West Texas. He gave us a little background on where he came from and was even nice enough to review some of the music we had in Rotation. After listening to music from The 80’s Baby ( St.Louis artist), Young Dirt (N.C. artist), Mss Texas (of course from Texas), Mos Precious & So So Def new artist Fresco Kane (both from Stl Region). He gave 2 songs a surprising Green Light, said 2 songs were OK and, gave them a yellow, but was disappointed with 1 song giving it  the unhonorable  red light. To hear his entire interview click on the above photo.

After our 1st official guest we continued our mission in playing great indie artist. I didn’t believe my 3rd guest would arrive but at 3 PM battle world super star Aye Verb, friend and elite St.Louis Promoter Chigga Chase, and Behind the Scenes master mind JP arrived but from different entrances (random). We started our Interview talking about his situation at SM2 in which P.Diddy put $10,000 of his money on the outcome. He explained that was Diddy’s money was involved the entire crowd atmosphere changed and he even admits giving his opponent round 2 while also mentioning his opponent becoming so physical that he had to push him off of him. We also discussed the history of the battle Scene in St.Louis & the emergence of the St.Louis Big 3 ( Aye Verb, Hitman Holla, & Ill Spitta). We even addresses issues of him blocking others from a successful career.  To hear entire Chase & Verb interview click on thier above photo.

After coming back from a break Aye Verb addresses why he dropped commercial  single St.Louis chick, and basically states that it was a waste of time. We then addressed his new projects. He’s working on a new mixtape, clothing line with Greedy Genuious, a 12 chapter audio book, and bringing back World Wars. We discussed his following on twitter and even admits to banging alot of his followers. After asking him why so many people hate him he some how began interviewing me which for me was an unexpected highlight of the interview.

Last break with the guys and Chigga Chase tells us about all the wonderful parties they have and brags about pouring Ciroc and other fluids down various BM’s, Girlfriends, & Wife’s with no remorse for his actions. Chase sounded very passionate as he explained  his track record throwing parties going on 4 years, admitting to the viewers that he is responsible for the crowd that East St.Louis club Posh and inherited rather people believe accept it or not. He urges all promoters that make less than half of the earnings from promoting to stop considering themselves as promoters (in some cases sounding direct to certain people but…. if the shoe fits wear it…right). He talks about their current parties at the City on Saturday’s &and 609 on Sundays, also announcing their return to Escalades Bar& Grill. Before closing Verb addresses listeners again expressing to all their hater’s to do better. For more on their interview Click Link for more on the interview with Chase & Verb Click Picture at the Below.

After that there was about 20 minutes left to the show we played more indie music and signed off till next show. Make sure y’all tune in next week  the 40 year old rapper has scheduled, also rumored platinum recording artist, up coming djs, an artist who works with Soulja Boy, and more so tune in 12p-4p Cst 89.5.

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