Beta Blog Volume 1

Lifes an Illusion by Da’louza released January 20, 2011 through Best Out Ent. Hosted by Dj BedTyme of Rochester, New Youk. Found on, stlmixtapes, and a host of other sites(google it). A well put together project from start to finish. A strong solo project with the ability to keep you listening all 20 tracks.

(Great, Good, Ok, Bad, Sucks)

Recording quality: Great
Overall: Pretty Good

Strengths-Da’louza’s choice of a Dj for this project was a power move, With Dj Bed Tyme, giving the mix tape a more broader appeal, and really helps capture that east coast style that his music embodies. Unique track selection. WIith this project Da’Louza uses various tracks from Jay Z, Wale, Dolla, Kanye West, T.I., Drake, as well as a few originals. On Life’s an Illusion Da’louza talks about various issues, such as police brutality, black consciousness, Religion, and other social topics, and even a few joints for the women.

Weakness’s At first listen some of the rap melondies are over the edge. Lacks St.Louis sound (what ever that means) lol Extreme views on certain issues could turn certain audiences off.

If you like these Albums you’ll like lifes and Illusion: Illmatic, Blue Print, Eminem Show

Don’t listen to this Album if:

You only like Dance tracks
You hate music that makes you think
You can’t listen to one artist for over 60 minutes

To find the mixtape click the following links / da-louza-lifes-and-illusion/ 0946.html ic/0000014029-lifes_an_illusio n_da_louza.php tapes/Lifes_An_Illusion_-_da_L ouza.html

To contact Da’Louza

For more info about this mixtape, or how to get your mixtape reviewed

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