Hidden Gem Alert Louii Gurl Mommii Had 2 of the hottest singles 2021 in St.Louis have you heard them yet

When we bring up women in the Saint Louis rap scene the same few names are usually mentioned in most circles. With much respect to the Alpha ma’ams of our local hip hop world maybe a new name should enter discussion. Mid-January I was introduced to Louii Gurl Mommii & like I am with most artist I was extremely skeptical expecting the common quality of music that’s pushed in our market. After waiting a day for her to send me the material I grew even more skeptical, however once sent I hit play and I was instantly impressed. As a fan of artist such as Kanye West & Brent Faiyaz, you can guess this isn’t my far my musical comfort zone, but what I recognize is that everything was presented in industry standard. From the uniqueness of the videos themself and gathering socialites for appearances like Unk The Great & popular night life dancer Bambi, to the modern beat selection chosen on both records, to the vocals & effects hitting appropriately, catchy hooks, & slick verses, as far as hits last year she didn’t miss. With views between the 2 totaling more than 170,00 views & her 2 released freestyles netting more than 40,000 views, maybe its time to throw her name in the hat as 1 of the hottest females in St.Louis or at least start a conversation. Lets see how she fairs between now & June 2022. Check out her 2 main singles below “Pay Summ” & ” Mirrior” & find her everywhere just type in Louii Gurl Mommi.


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