#Songoftheday Nas “It Wasn’t You” (Feat Lauryn Hill) The extraordinary record that never made an album #Day5

Grammy nominateed, certified single, charting on multiple charts across the globe, & 1 of the most popular collborations of Mid 90’s hip hop, that’s how I would describe the 1st time Nas & Lauryn Hill made studio magic with “If I Ruled the World” off Nas 2nd full length album “It Was Written.” With a proven chemistry & results imagine what the next record would have sound like, believe it or not there’s another out there “It Wasn’t You” Nas once again featuring Lauryn Hill, although it never made it to any of his recent albums it was leaked to the internet in the early 2010’s. Its story time with Nas as he speaks on a short lived fling, with L Boogie on the hook! Check it out below.

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