#Songoftheday Drake Replacement Girl (Feat Trey Songz) In case you never heard his 1st single #Day3

“Best I Ever Had” seems like a decade ago, maybe a little longer but before the Grammy Awards & multiplatinum records, Drake was just Jimmy from Nickelodeon an half black half Jewish Canadian actor turned rapper. No matter what whack ass rapper you like, or your personal opinion about Aubrey Grahm, if you love hip hop you have a favorite Drake record, its undeniable. These days we might “Laugh Now Cry Laughter” but it might be “Gods Plan” that Drake is now “On 1” & on is “Worst Behavior” before I go on for those who have never, check out Drakes 1st ever single “Replacement Girl” featuring Trey Songz, who at that time was the much bigger artist.

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