BetasBlock predicts Golden State to win the finals in 6.

Watch the finals here via youtube

nnvFor the 3rd year in a row the Cleveland Cavaliers will be facing Golden State Warriors in NBA finals with Golden State winning the 1st match up in 2015 with the absence of Kevin Love & Kyrie Irving, & the Cavilers winning the next coming back from an unheard of 1-3 deficit after the suspension of Draymond Green & Steph Currys lackluster performance game 6 & 7 of the finals.

The match up to watch out for will be MVP vs MVP LeBron James & Durant who both have the most to lose gain with their legacie. As LeBron James continues his quest to be the greatest Nba player of all time losing the finals again will build an argument against claims that he should be mentioned with elite & that he doesn’t have the heart & desire to win it all, while winning will get him 1 ring closer to Kobe & Tim Duncan totals, & 2 behind Micheal Jordan. If Golden State loses it will be considered one of the biggest Nba bust of our time right behind year 1 of the LeBron James dream team in Miami, coming from the Oklahoma Thunder who may have the leagues next reigning MVP in Westbrook,  KD may have more to prove with these last few games of the year to prove hes still the best player from the Thunder.

Golden State in 6, they have been playing better against better teams, the Cavilers have not been closing out games, they have home field advantage.

Watch the finals here.

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