Kanye West shades Taylor Swift & isn’t inspired by any minority during MTV awards Speech

Kanye West grabs attention any time he mentions Taylor Swift, or is at the VMA’s. During the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards he did both “Again,” Shouting out Taylor Swift, his ex Amber Rose & more during his 4 minute speech / rant before releasing his new video “Fade” for the 1st time to the public. He also spoke briefly about gun crime in Chicago & & the 3 keys to keeping impoverished people impoverished which included. taking away esteem, resources, & role models of the impoverished people. Then he went to say his only role models were Truman, Jobs, Disney, Hughes, & himself? What did that have to do with you mentioning gun crime & role models in Chicago’s poorest areas, now that I think of it J.Cole has “No Role Models” as well. Watch the video below & Tweet & DM me your comments @whobeta on twitter & snap.

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