Trillie Nelson(@JTrill_90) will be live 7-18 @ Studio 618 for #MWB5 Midwest Best 5th $1000 Showcase


Trillie Nelson which I believe is a play on words from artist Willie Nelson, will be performing July 18th at Studio 618 as part of the 5th installment of the Midwest Best. Trillie Nelson is artist and battle rapper based out of Bloomington, Illinois, who is no rookie to competition. With Studio 618 technically being in Southern Illinois will that give Trillie Nelson a home field advantage for the event stay tuned!!! You can check out music from Trillie Nelson by clicking any word from this post. You can also check out one of his battle’s from last year we where able to pull up. For more info on the Midwest Best $1000 Showcase or to perform text @whobeta 3146296404.

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