Alexnda the Great (@Thagreatalexnda) Gangsta Official Video

Alexnda the Great breaks down whats really gangsta in his latest video entitled just that,”Gansta.” Released by iDew Filmz back in May 2014 has been seen 500+ times. Filmed in Kansas City, you can see imitations of the popular hood film “Friday” such as the part in the movie where Debo knocked out dude in snatched his chain. The video also contains many people who are just standing around as if they aren’t in a music video, even though this is the Gangsta video don’t just pose, a 2 step is still gangster, lbvs. You can hear the Kansas City artist spitting calmly over a sub-west coast track laced with 808’s, whistles, and flutes, and preaching about loyalty, staying real, stacking paper, as well as other things.

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