Jayy Topp ( @Jaytopp2 ) Official Video for “1 Hunnit”

Omaha artist Jayy Topp, took time away from posting pictures of puppies & babies to release the visuals from his fan favorite single “1 Hunnit.” Shot on scene in Chicago over 6 months ago Jayy Topp was asked why he chose to wait so long before releasing the the video, his respond,”I had to drop 1 of the hottest video’s of the year, during the hottest part of the year.”

“1 Hunnit” the video is mainly set in an open studio, surrounded by money, models such as Elissa Revelss , high priced cars and variouos goon like characters.

When I think of “1 Hunnit” and tons of money in a video I was expecting to see big booty strippers some here, but hey, its not my video. “1 Hunnit can be found on Jayy Topps latest full project “Lawless 2” on Itunes now.

Follow Jayy Topp on twitter and IG @Jayytopp2

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