American Gangster Tour Kick Off in St.Louis

20140515_002557The largest independent music tours of the year kicked off May 14th, at the Mad Magician in St.Louis, Mo. The American Gangster Tour starring once Multimillionaire drug dealer turned motivation speaker & music entrepreneur Rick Ross, (who some believe Rick Ross the rapper stole his identity, as well as Southern Hip Hop Pioneer & former Rap A Lot artist Big Mike, & a host of great talent are traveling over 40 + cities in less than 6 weeks.

The Mad Magician had fans of all ages and race for the arrival of the American Gangster including a host of media outlets and cameras.

Local act Emg received well deserved remarks after the 17 year olds high energy performance & dance “The Heart attack.”

Other notable acts included St.Louis area artist Kenny Knox. West Coast artist Mz.Toi (You can do it w/ Ice Cube, Mack 10).

American Gangster headliner Big Mike closed the show the show with throwback favorites “Having Thangs,” & “Playa Playa” & more.

Overall the A G Tour kick off was a successful gathering which brought different eras of Hip Hop together in 1 venue, as well as some of St.Louis elite such as Mr.Well Known
Aka Dj Styles , Penelope Jones, & more.

American Gangster Tour 1 city down 30+ to go.

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